Michael Pratt

Michael Pratt is a venerated figure in the tech industry, boasting over two decades of comprehensive experience in IT management. His career stands as a testament to his commitment to harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, especially artificial intelligence, to innovate and redefine traditional business models. Significantly, Michael’s tech journey is illuminated by his pivotal role in three groundbreaking AI startups that successfully went to market, underscoring his expertise and vision in the evolving AI sector.

As the Lead Chief Technology Officer for North Shore CTO, Director of IT for SwervePoint and Principal Operations at WaaSio and other premier platforms, Michael consistently showcased transformative leadership, driving forward ambitious product development agendas. His proficiency spans a broad spectrum of technologies, from Cloud Platforms like AWS to advanced AI and Machine Learning. Coupled with his entrepreneurial flair and strategic foresight, Michael has been at the helm of numerous pioneering initiatives, such as large-scale server migrations and the creation of dynamic e-commerce platforms. For ProfitPro, Michael represents not just a seasoned tech maestro, but a future-centric leader capable of steering ventures to new horizons.